Feel the Rhythm in the Streets of the Most Awarded Destination
Rio de Janeiro is the most awarded destination in South America with more than 2.5 million tourists annually, making it the primary tourist resort of Brazil. Despite of the challenge that has from other coastal cities of the country, Rio can be still proud of the high level facilities that can provide, remaining the most significant destination for visitors who travel to Brazil.

Undoubtedly, the most famous attraction of the city is the carnival, which takes place every year, celebrating with joy and glory from all the inhabitants. Rio’s carnival is the most popular parade all over the world and visitors flow together in order to attend in such an event. There are no shame and prudery during the carnival and sexuality and eroticism are spread all over the city. The preparation of the event lasts all year long no matter when you travel there. Moreover, you can have a taste of the organization by paying a visit to a club or a school of Samba, such as Plataforma or Backstage of Unidos da Tijuca Carnival and watch how carnival and dance is a way of life for Brazilians. Generally, the city is full of rhythm and a walk among some of the lovely neighborhoods will certify it. Lagoa, Lapa and Santa Teresa are just three of the colorful and atmospheric neighborhoods that can take your mind away. On the other hand, modern structures, such as the Rio Niteroi Bridge can make you feel awe. In addition, the surrounding mountains may give you an excellent view of the city, with Sugarloaf and Corcovado Mountains to be considered the most ideal, while the Tijuca National Park can combine nice walks with extremely pretty landscape.

Whatever you say about Rio de Janeiro will be little, since words are superfluous when it comes to describe such a place. It is your duty to spend as many days as you can knowing this spectacular city without any limits restricting you!